Laser hair removal

Great novelty for men and women to get rid of unwanted hair once and for all

LightSheer Duet laser hair removal

The latest generation Lumenis LightSheer Duet diode laser produced by the world-leading company Lumenis is the “gold standard” in laser hair removal. It is intended for the temporary removal of unwanted hair on any part of the face or body.

The device has 2 heads, which allows you to remove hair with a laser on both large and small areas.

Diode lasers provide maximum laser beam access to the follicle, thus implying the application of low-density energy, which eliminates damage to the epidermis.

What to expect from laser hair removal surgery?

Lumenis LightSheer DUET Diode Laser Hair Removal will not only get rid of unwanted hair, but also have smooth, beautiful and healthy skin. Because this device also has an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and rejuvenating effect on the skin.

Laser hair removal is the only effective way to get rid of unwanted hair forever.

Fast, painless and safe:

 Two stationary heads facilitate the hair removal process

 805nm wavelength, the gold standard for LED lasers, provides maximum security

 High Speed (HS the presence of a head) technology allows you to reduce the length of hair removal

 No need for additional pain relief or cooling due to the vacuum module

 Hair removal can be done regardless of the season

 Can be done on any skin type

 The full course includes 6-8 visits


Oncological diseases

Diabetes (taking insulin)

Diseases of the immune system

Infectious diseases

Skin diseases

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Fresh tan (up to 2 weeks)

 Varicose veins

Violation of the integrity of the skin in the hair removal area