Welcome to “Vita Longa” Medical Center.

“Vita Longa”, Latin for “long life”, is our guiding motto that inspires us to direct our potential and efforts towards improving the quality of people’s life.

We offer multidisciplinary, highly specialized medical services including:

General therapy







Ultrasound procedure

Rehabilitation therapy

Aesthetic medicine

We are an innovative company that is up to date with world trends in the field of healthcare, introducing advanced, safe, effective, and reliable medical methods and equipment.

Our vision is to be a leading company in the field of healthcare, contributing to the improvement of individual and public health.

Our values are:

To approach medical services with high responsibility, to work effectively, to follow the rules of medical ethics, to prioritize the needs of patients and doctors.

We partner with Armenian insurance companies such as “Garant Assistance”, “Nairi Insurance” and “Armenia Insurance” as well as with international organizations like “Cigna Global Health Insurance” and “AP Companies Global Solutions”.

Due to effective management, our team strives to best serve our patients, providing effective, reliable, and high-quality medical service.

Looking forward to seeing you at “Vita Longa” medical center.

Trust us and live without pain.

4/9 Leningradyan Str., Yerevan, Armenia


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