Many people prefer to remain silent about sexual problems, questions that concern and worries. However, it should be noted that solving sexual problems improves the quality of life, helps couples to form harmonious and happy relationships.

At Vita Longa Medical Center you can consult a sexologist. The sexologist is engaged in the maintenance and improvement of sexual, reproductive, mental health, and the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases in men and women.

Symptoms in which case it is necessary to consult a sexologist ․

◆ Increase or decrease libido

◆  Erectile dysfun ction

◆  Changes in the sensation of orgasm (lowering, increase, fading, absence)

◆  Frigidity (sexual coldness)

◆  Psychosexual disorders

◆  Feeling physical and psychological pain during sexual intercourse

◆  Various sexually transmitted changes

You can also contact a sexologist in case of the following questions:

◆  Lack of information about sex

◆  The correct development of sexuality in adolescents

◆  Couple disharmony

◆  Sex during pregnancy