Electrotherapy is one of the most popular areas in physiotherapy.

Electrotherapy is based on the effect of constant pulsed waves of different frequencies on biological tissues. The waves used are stimulated by the musculoskeletal system, which results in changes in certain biological processes, for example enhanced blood circulation, improves lymphatic metabolism, accelerate tissue regeneration processes and activated enzyme systems.

At Vita Longa Medical Center, electrotherapy is performed with the latest BTL-4620 Premium (England) device. It allows you to apply different frequencies of current waves and parameters, such as intervening with vacuum electrodes and simultaneously perform vacuum massage.

After completing the full course of electrotherapy, the patient feels better and is able to work. Regulation of peripheral blood circulation leads to the development of anti-inflammatory effect. The regulation of the central nervous system leads to the management of other organ systems. Electrotherapy relieves the tension of the nervous system, regulates sleep, reduces the feeling of fear, stabilizes the heart rhythm and arterial pressure.


  Chronic and acute pain of any pathogenesis

  Breathing problems

  Digestive problems

  Circulatory problems

  Kidney disorders

  Urinary tract problems

  Musculoskeletal problems

  Arthritis, arthrosis, defartosis, synovitis, bursitis, tendinitis, chondromalias

  Pediatric diseases

  Ear, nose and throat problems

  Dental problems

  Skin problems

  Nervous system problems


  Convenience of intervention

  Short recovery period

  No complications

  Muscle recovery

  Regulation of the autonomic nervous system


Anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect