Accu-Chek Active շաքարաչափ

Accu-Chek Active 

The Accu-Chek Active blood glucose meter packs many powerful features into a smaller size than the previous version. See test result averages up to 90 days, get alerts if your test strips are expired or if you’ve underdosed, re-dose within 10 seconds, set pre-and post-meal reminders to test, and more.
Testing your blood glucose is an essential part of managing diabetes. The Accu-Chek Active blood glucose meter can help to make it convenient by giving you fast, hassle-free, and accurate results in 4 simple steps.

Insert the glucose test strip
Prick your finger with the lancet to draw out a blood drop.
Carefully touch the blood drop onto the green field of the test strip.
Read the blood glucose result. 

Accu-Chek Active glucose meter  Price: 6500 AMD

Accu-Chek Active Strips №50 Price: 6500 AMD

Accu-Chek Active Strips №100 Price: 11000 AMD

Accu-Chek Performa

The Accu-Chek® Performa blood glucose meter makes testing your blood sugar quick and easy. It’s ready to use right out of the box, requiring no set-up. Each meter uses Accu-Chek® Performa test strips and an Accu-Chek® lancing device. Helpful alerts remind you to test before and after meals, giving you valuable information to support therapy decisions for a healthy active life.

Get accurate results in 3 steps:

Insert your test strip into the meter and it turns on automatically.
Apply your blood sample to the easy-to-see yellow window. Only 1 small drop is needed.
In approximately 5 seconds, your test results will appear in the easy-to-read display.

Accu-Chek Performa Strips №50 Price: 7000 AMD

Accu-Chek Performa Strips №100 Price: 13000 AMD

Ակկու-Չեկ ՍոֆթկլիքսAccu-Chek® Softclix lancing device

Easy to use. Less pain.
Personalized comfort and unique technology to minimize pain.
Benefits and features
One-handed, simple operation
▸ Designed for comfort
▸ Precision technology minimizes skin damage
▸Personalized—11 customizable depth settings
▸ Thin-gauge lancets for smoother entry
Additional specifications
Penetration depth: 11 customizable settings
Penetration range: 0.8 to 2.3 mm
Alternate site testing (AST): Nonfingertip testing requires clear AST cap, available through Accu-Chek Customer Care1
Lancet: Beveled, 28-gauge

Accu-Chek® Softclix lancing device №25   —  Price: 1500 AMD