The clinic offers extensive therapeutic counseling:

Bronchopulmonary diseases

Cardiovascular diseases

Gastrointestinal tract

Musculoskeletal system

Metabolic problems and etc.

After the examination, if necessary, relevant specialists will work with you: endocrinologist, gynecologist, cardiologist, neurologist,  sexologist, physiotherapist, radiologist, rehabilitation specialist.

Therapist’s advice and treatment is not limited to medication. If you wish, it can be combined with choosing the right, literate diet, which will further strengthen your health.

Practically healthy people can apply to us to choose the right diet according to the functional-physiological state of the organism.

The center is equipped with a new generation of physiotherapeutic ultrasound diagnostic equipment manufactured by world-leading companies:

ASA MLS Laser Therapy — Laser Therapy

HIRO 3.0 Hilterapia – Hilterapia

BTL-4000 Premium և BTL-Vac II – Electrotherapy

BTL-4920 Premium – Magnetotherapy

BTL-6000 ShortWave Therapy — Shortwave therapy

BTL-4620 Smart & Premium HandsFreeSono, BTL-4710 — Ultrasound Therapy

Dornier Aries ShockWave Therapy — Shockwave therapy

Aplio i900 (Canon Medical) — Ultrasound diagnostics

Equipped with advanced, multifunctional physiotherapy equipment, it allows you to combine the classic methods of treatment with the latest technologies and methods, giving an excellent treatment result.



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