Dermal fillers

The treatment involves injecting hyaluronic acid dermal fillers into the skin. The method allows you to fight against age-related skin problems quickly and effectively and gives an opportunity to model your face according to your preferences. It is used in the following cosmetic procedures:

Wrinkle correction

Changing the contour and volume of the face, restoration

Changing the volume and contour of the lips

Correction of skin imperfections (post-acne, etc.)

Skin rejuvenation

It is recommended to perform the intervention by an experienced specialist with clinically proven, safe, high purity hyaluronic acid materials. Hyaluronic acid stimulates the natural mechanisms of skin cell regeneration, activates the self-reproduction of collagen and elastin. Hyaluronic acid moisturizer can be on the skin, wanting to better control your family of molecules. Such substances can use natural ingredients for our skin, so they are easily accepted by the skin, without causing allergic reactions. Over time, fillers based on hyaluronic acid are biodegraded and naturally leave the body.

The result of the injection is noticed immediately, no recovery process is required, the patient can immediately return to daily life.


Individual intolerance to the components of the material,

Blood system diseases, bleeding, taking anticoagulants,

Presence of inflammatory process at the injection site (acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, herpes, etc.)

Somatic diseases in the period of exacerbation,

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Malignant neoplasms.

“Vita Longa” medical center offers free consultation of a cosmetologist. Prior to the intervention, the patient is given an informed agreement, which describes the information about the intervention, the substance to be injected.



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