Physiotherapy (Greek ․ translation ․ phýsis-nature և therapéia-treatment) is a branch of clinical medicine that studies the therapeutic effect of natural and artificial physical factors on the human body.

“Vita Longa” Medical Center offers the following physiotherapy services ․


 Ultrasound Therapy

 High Frequency Currents Therapy


 Laser Therapy

 Shockwave Therapy

The physiotherapy interventions at our center are performed with the latest world-renowned equipment, which allows you to treat and prevent a number of diseases.

Physiotherapy consultation                                                            5000
Galvanization                                                                                                         3000
Medicinal Electrophoresis                                                                                        3000
Impulse Therapy                                                                                                    3000
SMC — Sinusoidal Modulated Currents                                                               3000
Miostimulation     3000
Bernard Currents / Diadynamic Therapy                                                           3000
Interference Currents                                                                                                 3000
Ultrasound Therapy
Ultrasound Therapy                                                                                               3000
Ultrasound Therapy Handsfree Sono 3000
Phonophoresis                                                                                                       3000
High frequency currents
Darsonval                                                                                                                    1000
Diathermy / Inductotherm /                                                                               5000
High Frequency Therapy                                                                                     3000
Shortwave Therapy                                                                                              3000
Ultraviolet Radiation                                                                                            1000
Tubus Quartz                                                                                                         1000


Magnetotherapy                                                                                                  5000
Magnetotherapy Easy Flexa                                                                                 3000
Laser therapy
Laser Therapy (Hiltherapy)                                                                              15000
Laser Therapy MLS                                                                                                 5000
Shockwave therapy
Shockwave Therapy 1 field                                                                              10000
Shockwave Therapy 2 fields                                                                            15000
Shockwave Therapy 3 and more fields                                                         20000
Vacuum Therapy                                                                                                 2000
Physiotherapy at home According to the price list, double payment.