The therapist Anna Serobyan answers

Fatigue, drowsiness, irritability?

If you have a feeling of tiredness, drowsiness, irritability, etc., you should see a doctor immediately, as the causes can be various (chronic fatigue syndrome, or any of the organic pathology), and only a competent approach (collection of medical history, a combination of laboratory and instrumental examinations) to determine the cause and prescribe treatment to eliminate the cause. We must always remember that each case requires an individual approach, and we should never rely on other examples and engage in self-medication.

I have frequent headaches, in which painkillers always help. Should I see a doctor, and if so, which doctor?

Headaches are one of the most common health problems on earth. The reasons can be many (stress, overexertion, various infectious diseases, inflammatory processes, organic diseases of the brain, food intolerance, etc.). Periodic recurrences of pain indicate the presence of chronic problems in the body. And regardless of whether the pain passes with the use of analgesics or not, it is the same for the correct diagnosis and treatment, it is necessary to consult a doctor. First you need to consult a neurologist or therapist, who will organize further diagnosis and treatment, or if necessary will refer you to another specialist for advice.

If I have pain in my right lower back, what can I think about?

If you have pain in the right lower back, you should immediately contact a therapist, who, based on the results of objective examination, anamnestic data, laboratory-instrumental examinations, will be able to correctly diagnose, organize your further treatment. First of all, it is necessary to understand the nature of pain (puncture, dull pain, heaviness, feeling of pressure, etc.), because of various diseases (liver, gallbladder, pancreas, stomach, intestinal diseases, osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine, intercostal pain, etc.) The nature is fundamentally different. In such cases, you should never take painkillers and wait at home to solve the problem. Proper cooperation between you and your doctor can prevent unwanted complications.

Can taking vitamins, bioactive supplements be harmful?

Vitamins are vital organic compounds, the deficiency of which can lead to a number of diseases due to their deficiency or insufficiency, and in case of their excess in excess of physiological requirements, undesirable side effects and pathological disorders can occur. Therefore, it is not desirable to take various vitamin complexes without consulting a doctor. As for bioactive supplements, they are not miraculous means of treating diseases, but a daily component of measures to prevent food-dependent and ecologically conditioned diseases. bioactive supplements have become the most important element of modern life, but in order not to harm your health, you should take them after consulting a specialist.

What to do during the Influenza?

Influenza is an inflammation of the nasal mucosa, which is accompanied by sneezing and mucous production. In this case, the treatment is aimed at eliminating the symptoms (symptomatic treatment). It is very important to maintain personal hygiene, both for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. It is necessary to take a large amount of lukewarm liquids, antipyretics (if the temperature is higher than 380C), foods rich in vitamins, digestible and establish a bed rest. If after all this application the symptoms do not subside within 3-5 days, be sure to consult a family doctor or therapist to avoid further complications. Never use antiviral or antibacterial drugs without a doctor’s prescription, because only after evaluating the objective data can a specialist determine the treatment tactics, otherwise the inappropriate use of certain groups of drugs may not help but harm your health.


Is it possible to treat the decrease or absence of sexual desire in women?

This question is very extensive. Let’s talk about the main motives:

sexual inconsistencies

mental and psychological problems

partner’s health problems

hormonal disorders in women

gynecological diseases

neurological disorders

incomplete sexual development

incomplete knowledge and understanding of the norm

  weak development of congenital sexual potency and other factors

In case of such problems, you should consult a specialist and be examined. The treatment options are different: medication, psychotherapy, sex training, physiotherapy, couple work and other curative and preventive work. Duration of treatment: 1-3 months.

Can being overweight affect sexual activity?

The physiological difference between males and females leads to the peculiarities of the effect of being overweight. The reasons can be: diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hypothyroidism, some adrenal disorders, hypodynamia, irregular, unhealthy diet, etc. Excess weight contributes to the development of cardiovascular diseases and, of course, does not allow for more intense and different sexual approaches. All obese people have a decrease in sex hormones and consequently a decrease in sexual desire, quantitative and qualitative parameters of sex — poorer erections, ejaculation disorders, vaginal fading and absence. If you are worried about these complaints, contact us and we will help.

Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation may be due to congenital ejaculation centers, chronic inflammation of the prostate and urethra, certain disorders of the lumbar spine, some neurotic and depressive disorders, complaints of short-term bleeding, some hormonal disorders after conjunctivitis. and genital hyperexcitability) and relative accelerations associated with female inconsistencies. To understand and help all this, the patient’s visit is mandatory. In any case, we will ensure progress with modern methods of treatment. Treatment methods and lines vary depending on the problem.

What can cause an incomplete erection?

The reasons for incomplete erection are: arterial and venous vascular disorders of the penis and pelvis, nervous disorders, mental-psychological disorders, chronic inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system, androgen deficiency, diabetes mellitus, diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism. pituitary problems, sexual dysfunctions, metabolic disorders, some chronic diseases (liver, kidneys) and many other problems. All these problems are not solved in the same way, so it is possible to make the right diagnosis first, and then choose the treatment methods.

If erectile dysfunction is observed, it means that some system in the body is not working well and postponing the visit to the relevant specialist makes the further effectiveness of the problem more difficult.

What to do if our doctor is not available on the agreed day and time?

If at the agreed day and time our doctor did not contact you or otherwise inform you of the change of the appointed day or time, please wait up to 5 minutes, then immediately contact us at 8155 or 011 778155. We will try to find out the reasons, in agreement with you we will set another time or refund the entire amount you paid.

What will the Center do if you are not available on the agreed day and time?

If you do not contact our specialist at a pre-arranged time, we will wait up to 10 minutes and use all our contacts to contact you, but if you still do not receive it, the amount paid is non-refundable.

What to do if you think you have received poor quality service?

You can contact the Center if you think you have received poor quality service. You can apply for such a request within 5 (five) days after receiving the consultation. We will review your application and respond to you by email within 5 (five) working days.

What to do if you think you have received poor quality service?

You can contact the Center if you think you have received poor quality service. You can apply for such a request within 5 (five) days after receiving the consultation. We will review your application and respond to you by email within 5 (five) working days.

What technical requirements for a computer or mobile phone must be for online consultation?

The computer operating system (OS) must be Windows 7+ or MacOS X +

Phone (smartphone) operating system: iOS, Android

Browser: Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera (preferably with the latest updates).

▪  Դիտարկիչը (Browser)` Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera (ցանկալի է վերջին թարմացումներով)։

What applications will be used during the online consultation?

During the online consultation, you need to have one of the following applications on your computer or phone: Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, FB Messenger.


Endocrinologist Liana Avetisyan answers

What is struma?

Struma is an enlargement of the thyroid gland, which can be diffuse when the entire gland is enlarged, and nodular, when individual nodules form. Hypnosis is endemic, the main cause of which is a lack of iodine in the body. Iodine is obtained from the external environment, and since seafood is scarce in Armenia, salt iodization is mandatory to supplement iodine deficiency.

The thyroid gland can grow due to various diseases.

What is diabetes mellitus?

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease caused by a relative or absolute insufficiency of insulin, which results in a disorder of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and salt water metabolism. It is manifested by high blood glucose levels, clinically manifested by polyuria (frequent urination), polydipsia (consumption of too much water), weight loss, dry mouth. As I have already mentioned, the reason may be the relative insufficiency of insulin, when the production of insulin in the body is normal, but the sensitivity of the receptors is reduced, or the absolute insufficiency, when there is an obvious lack of insulin produced by the beta cells of the pancreas.

For prevention, regular blood glucose and cholesterol tests should be performed. And if the results are higher than normal, it will be necessary to conduct more in-depth research.

And for those who already have diabetes, it is very important to control the diet, physical activity, use of medication (if prescribed), blood glucose levels. The latter can be done at home with the help of glucometers measuring capillary blood glucose.

At “Vita Longa” Medical Center you can buy Accu-Chek glucometers, test strips, needles and thermos for insulin. And the competent course of diagnosis and treatment will be organized by an endocrinologist.

How can an endocrinologist help with obesity?

Obesity is an endocrine disease. The disease can be caused by changes in the hormonal background (hyperinsulinism, hypothyroidism, Cushing’s syndrome, etc.). As for children, obesity affects their physical, sexual and emotional development. It is very possible to find out the cause of obesity and only then prescribe treatment and regulate the diet. As with any chronic illness, the fight against obesity requires the joint efforts of the patient, family members and the doctor.

Which group of children needs an endocrinologist?

▸ Children whose parents have endocrine pathology (thyroid disease, diabetes, etc.)

▸ Children who are overweight or underweight, children who are slow or fast.

▸ Children and adolescents 8, 10-12 and 15-17 years old, to assess their physical and sexual development, perform a thyroid examination.


Gynecologist Armine Hovhannisyan answers

On which days of the menstrual cycle is it expedient to apply for preventive gynecological examination?

For preventive purposes, it is desirable to apply after the end of menstruation, and in case of complaints, at the very moment, regardless of the days of the cycle.

What can cause a delay in menstruation, what can I do?

Because you live in a sexual life, in case of delayed menstruation, you must first confirm or deny the fact of pregnancy. In the case of a short-term pregnancy, the ultrasound of the pelvic organs and the test performed with us may be uninformative, not showing the existing pregnancy. In this situation, it is recommended to consult a gynecologist to clarify the fact of pregnancy through a blood test. If pregnancy is denied, additional tests will be needed.

Sometimes I have itching, heartburn, and sexual dysfunction, which cause me discomfort, but after a few days go away on their own. Is it worth worrying about?

What you describe is like a chronic inflammatory disease of the genitals. It is recommended to consult a gynecologist on the days of complaints, to pass a gynecological examination, to apply ointment from the vagina to clarify the diagnosis.

The menstrual cycle is irregular, the duration of menstruation is also. Should I worry and see a gynecologist? I should also mention that I do not live a sexual life.

The menstrual cycle can be 21-35-37 days, and the menstrual cycle can be 2-7 days. If your period is different from the above or frequently and abruptly changes within the mentioned ranges, it is recommended to consult a gynecologist, regardless of the presence of sexual life and be examined.

I live in a sexual life and I have had menstrual late this month. I took a pregnancy test, did a sonographic examination, but no pregnancy was found.