High-frequency current therapy

Highfrequency current therapy

The use of high frequency currents is one of the methods of physiotherapy, which is based on the therapeutic effect of high frequency current fluctuations on the body.

High-frequency heat therapy is performed at Vita Longa Medical Center with the latest equipment BTL-6000 Shortwave 400 (England). The device uses high frequency energy (up to 400 W power), has a deep penetration, so it has a significant advantage over other traditional methods (hot showers, baths, etc.). The local warming and anti-inflammatory effect leaves a vasodilator and analgesic effect. Stimulation of vital cell processes ensures rapid wound healing, repair of damaged tissues, absorption of purulent processes.


◆  Flu complications

◆  Ear, nose and throat diseases (catarrhal and purulent)

◆  Respiratory diseases: bronchitis, pneumonia

◆  Cardiovascular diseases

◆  Gastrointestinal diseases

◆  Diseases of the genitourinary system (gynaecological, urological)

◆  Nervous diseases, diseases of the nervous system

◆  Joint-musculoskeletal disorders

◆  Abscess, boils, eczema


◆  Pregnancy

◆  Blood diseases (mainly coagulation)

◆  Ischemic heart disease

◆  Malignant neoplasms

◆  Acute inflammatory diseases (accompanied by fever and chills)

◆  Thrombosis

◆  Presence of pacemakers, metal constructions, prostheses

The use of high frequency channels ensures:

◆  Local warming and anti-inflammatory effect

◆  Rapid wound healing, recovery of damaged tissues

◆  Absorption of boils and purulent foci


Anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect





Новая эпоха в диатермии, БТЛ 6000

Новая эпоха в диатермии, БТЛ 6000

Новая эпоха в диатермии, БТЛ 6000

Новая эпоха в диатермии