Laser Therapy: Hilterapia & MLS

Laser Therapy: Hilterapia & MLS

At Vita Longa Medical Center, laser therapy is performed with the latest generation equipment HIRO 3.0 և MLS MPHI (ASA Laser, Italy).

Laser therapy is the therapeutic use of laser beam.

Hilterapia- high-intensity laser therapy.

HIRO 3.0 is a complex laser device for Hilterapia.

Hilterapia is a painless, non-invasive treatment method, which has not only analgesic, but also anti-inflammatory effect. It promotes tissue regeneration, treats superficial as well as deep pathological processes that traditional therapy can not overcome.

High-intensity radiation (up to 15000 W / cm 2), high power (1-3 kW), endowed with Nd: YAG laser pulse (1064 nm) Hilterapia allows absolutely safe, highly effective impact on deep tissues, healing even chronic diseases.

With ideal control of pulse repetition frequency and intensity, Hilterapia guarantees absolutely safe and effective therapy.

Why choose HILTERAPIA?

◆  Significant reduction in pain syndrome from the first treatment session

◆  Absolutely safe, painless and non-invasive therapy

◆  Hilterapia gives 3 effects at the same time ․

◆  Due to the photochemical effect, the main biochemical reactions take place faster. Easily available energy is rapidly absorbed by metabolic substrates deviated by pathological processes.

◆  Photothermal effect-safe and controllably increases temperature and pressure. The effect of the beneficial circulation is strengthened, which in turn stimulates the recovery processes in the damaged areas, the absorption of oxygen and nutrients. Thus, the best conditions are created for the rapid treatment of pathologies.

◆  Photomechanical effect — causes pressure waves, which stimulate the outflow of lymph into deep tissues. This deep massage promotes rapid absorption of the collected fluid, relieving the feeling of pain.

The method is approved by the FDA


Analgesic effect

Anti-inflammatory effect

In contrast to weak and intensive laser therapy Hilterapia և MLS therapy has a photodynamic effect, these two devices combine the therapeutic factors of laser therapy and shockwave therapy.

MLS MPHI — is a high-power (peak) laser therapy device.

This device operates simultaneously on two wavelengths (808 and 905 nm) and in two modes simultaneously (continuous and pulsed). All this allows the result to be revealed quickly and reduces the treatment time.


◆  Effective anti-inflammatory

◆  Rapid analgesia

◆  Photomechanical effect

◆  Functional restoration of peripheral microcirculation.

Laser therapy instructions are:

◆  Degenerative processes of cartilage and arthritis

◆  Bursitis, arthritis, capsulitis, epicondylitis, synovitis

◆  Swelling and Hematomas

◆  Stockholm Syndrome

◆  Abductor Syndrome

◆  Muscle aches and convulsions

Improved blood flow to the muscles, muscle weakness

◆  Tendon disorders (tendon strain, trauma, tendinitis, pertendinitis, tenosynovitis, intracranial fasciitis).


◆  Blood clotting problems

◆  Diseases of the organ systems of complication of IIIօ (hepatic, pulmonary, renal)

◆  Malignant neoplasms

◆  Presence of a pacemaker

◆  Cachexia

◆  Fever

◆  Pregnancy

◆  Benign neoplasms in the radiation zone

◆  Individual intolerance of the factor

“Vita Longa” medical center has a physiotherapy service at home.

The MLS MPHI mobile device allows you to perform laser therapy at home.



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