One of the achievements of modern cosmetology is effective, fast, high-quality interventions, which have a stimulating effect on the processes of epidermis, skin regeneration and transformation.

Peeling is a controllable “damage” intervention of the skin layers, the depth of which depends on the composition of the substances used, the absorption property.

Peelings have an obvious advantage in the process of skin regeneration and transformation.


Problematic skin (acne, post-acne , comedones), atrophic scars, ingrown hair, enlarged pores, oily skin, skin roughness, faded complexion, pigment spots loss of skin elasticity

  Photoaging due to intense UV radiation small wrinkles, other age-related changes.


  Tendency to develop keloids, hypertrophic scars, tendency for wounds to heal later,

  Individual intolerance to the components of the material, expressed couperosis, herpes

  Inflammatory processes of the skin, burns, purulent formations, open wounds, viral diseases

IV-VI phototype according to Fitzpatrick, malignant neoplasms.

  Peeling interventions performed at Vita Longa Medical Center are safe, have a multifaceted, predictable and visible result.



Մաշկափոխանակում (peeling)Մաշկափոխանակում (peeling)