The gynaecologist deals with the maintenance, improvement and treatment of women’s sexual and reproductive health.

Vita Longa Medical Center offers gynaecologist’s consulting and treatment services.

Consult a gynecologist, if…

◆  You are already 14 years old, but you have no signs of puberty.

◆  You are already 16 years old and do not see the menstruation.

◆  Your menstruation is very painful or you have pain in the pelvis.

◆  Your menstruation is very abundant, abnormal or lasts longer than 1 week.

◆  You have itching, redness, burning sensation, unpleasant odor, foreign body sensation, any formation or discomfort in the genitals.

◆  You suspect you are pregnant.

◆  You have missed menstruation in the last 3 months and sure you are not pregnant.

◆  You need to discuss and be more informed about safe sex.

◆  You have been seeing the menstruation for 1.5-2 years, but it is still irregular.

◆  You have frequent, painful, heartburn accompanied by a burning sensation urination.

◆  There is damage in the intimate area.

◆  You have had unprotected sex.

◆  You suspect you have a sexually transmitted infection.

◆  You have blood production outside of your menstrual cycle, during or after sexual intercourse.

◆  Sexual intercourse is mainly painful.

◆  You have questions about contraception, intimate hygiene.

◆  You have not been breastfeeding for a long time or have never been pregnant, but you have milk or other production from the breast.

◆  You are under 35 years old and have been living an unprotected regular sexual life for 1 year, but no pregnancy is observed (in case of over 35 — 6 months).

◆  You have noticed oily skin on the face, scalp, hair loss, and additional hair growth on different parts of the body or thickening of existing hair, acne on the face, chest, back and all this is accompanied by menstrual disorders.

◆  You have a urine leak during laughter, coughing, sneezing, jumping, changing body position and lifting weights.

It is easier to prevent than to cure diseases. So get timely advice, get literate information about your health, get treatment if necessary, and improve your quality of life.