Zaruhi Papanyan

Zaruhi Papanyan

Zaruhi Papanyan

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1990-1996 Yerevan State Medical University after M. Heratsi,
General Medicine
1996-1998  National Institute of Health after S. Avdalbekyan, Residency in Gastroenterology
2005  National Institute of Health after S. Avdalbekyan, Residency in Cosmetology


2020 BTL Aesthetics official launch, BTL, AG Pharma, RA, Yerevan
2019 Emotional Component in consultation and aesthetic evaluation of the face. Creating a harmonious image following the MD Code system. Allergan Medical Institute, RF, Moscow
2019 Use of TWAC in medical practice, Master Class
2019 Concept of physiological minimally invasive controlled rejuvenation․ JALUPRO, 4Med, RA, Yerevan
2019 3rd Annual Aesthetic Medicine and Laser Technology Congress. AG Pharma, RA, Yerevan
2019 Master class on SMAS lifting. AG Pharma, HIRONIC, RA, Yerevan
2019 Individualization of the middle and lower third of the face. Live injections Emervel, Medest, RA, Yerevan
2018 Aesthetic Consilium Congress, 2nd International Congress, Czech Republic, Prague
2018 Eczema, psoriasis, psoriasis-like dermatitis, corneal disease, acne-like dermatitis, Yerevan State Medical University after M. Heratsi
 2018 Pigmentation of skin color, skin elasticity and hair artistic pathology, Yerevan State Medical University after M. Heratsi
2018 COSMEDEX, Congress season III, RA, Yerevan
2018 Hybrid complexes of hyaluronic acid and BET technique using Profhilo: new perspectives of bio-rejuvenation. Maruga, IBSA, RF
2018 APTOS, Certificate Aptos methods, Aptos products, Tbilisi, Georgia
2018 Kolkhida 2018, 12th International Caucasian Congress on Plastic Surgery & Dermatology, Tbilisi, Georgia
2018 2rd Annual Aesthetic Medicine and Laser Technology Congress, RA, Yerevan
2018 On the stick of cosmetology and plastic surgery, Restylane, Galderma, RA, Yerevan
2017 APTOS, Intensive course on Aptos methods, Necessary skills for using Aptos Light Lift, Aptos Excellence, Aptos Nano Methods. Tbilisi, Georgia
2017 Aesthetic Medicine course of usage of a range of Neauvia Organic fillers, AG Pharma, ՀՀ, Երևան
2017  The K.O.l. Advanced Training of Academy Neauvia. Academy Neauvia, Italy
2017 Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medical Congress, Thread Lifting Technology. AG Pharma, RA, Yerevan
2017 VII international training course for cosmetologists on non-surgical methods of rejuvenation, IECTC, RF, St. Petersburg
2016 Technique of administration of the drug NEUVIA in the field of aesthetic dermatology, Neuvia Organic, RA, Yerevan
2016 AMWC Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress, Certificate of attendance to the scientific program, RF, Moscow
2015 Plasmolifting in cosmetology and trichology, RF, Moscow
2015 Manager as Coach, Certificate of Completion, Erickson Int., RA, Yerevan
2001-2016 Participation in many international and local conferences

Work experience

2020թ․ since 2020 “Vita Longa” medical center, Doctor Cosmetologist
2016թ․ since 2020  “AR Aesthetic” Medical Center, Director, Doctor Cosmetologist
2007-2016 “Helios” Medical Center, Head of Aesthetic Medicine, Doctor Cosmetologist
2004-2007 “Litte” Innovative Center of Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetology, Doctor Cosmetologist
2002-2005 “Plaza” placental cosmetology center, doctor-consultant
2000-2002 “InterCollege” International Training Center, Trainer


2018 since 2020 Armenian Association of Dermatologists