Vita Longa Medical Center has a urologist service.

The urologist is engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the genitourinary system. These diseases can quickly become chronic, causing a number of complications: erectile dysfunction, infertility, oncological diseases.

Symptoms for which you need to consult a urologist:

  Difficulty urinating, urination

  Itching, heartburn, pain and discomfort during urination

  Feeling of full bladder all the time

  Change in the amount, smell, color of urine and semen

  Blood in the urine

  Production from urine

  Pain and discomfort in the lower back

  Genitourinary injuries

  Erectile dysfunction

  Changes in the appearance of the genitals

  These symptoms may be accompanied by a high fever, so do not delay seeing a doctor!

Primary consultation of a urologist 10000
Double consultation with a urologist  5000
Conservative treatment of prostatitis  20000
Treatment of orchitis and epididymitis 20000
Treatment of urethritis 20000
Treatment of urolithiasis 25000
Treatment of cystitis 20000
Treatment of pyelonephritis  20000
Infertility / male factor / 30000