Arsen Aharonyan

Արսեն Ահարոնյան, Ուրոլոգ

Arsen Aharonyan

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1983-1989 S.M. Kirov Military Medical Academy
1991 Primary specialization in surgery in 22 medical internships of the Northern Fleet
1992-1995  S.M. Kirov Military Medical Academy, Urology, residency
1995-2001 Senior resident of the urology department of the Northern Fleet General Hospital
2009 Candidate of Medical Sciences, dissertation topic — Contact lithotripsy in Northern Fleet servicemen with urolithiasis


2019 Professional Certificate of the Department of Urology, Department of Urology, Military Medical Academy
2014 Andrological spectra of sexology of MMA
2009  Current issues of urology MMA
2006 Certificate of high qualification from the State Institute of Advanced Doctors of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in Moscow
2002 Certificate of high qualification for transurethral electro resection of the Department of Urology of the MMA
1992 Chair of Radiology, S.M. Kirov Military Medical Academy, genitourinary system, ultrasound of the abdominal organs, transrectal ultrasound of the prostate
1992 Improving the MMA surgery qualification

Work experience

since 2020 “Vita Longa” Medical Center, urologist
2019 since 2020 Shengavit MC, urologist, andrologist, reproductive specialist
2014-2019 Leading urologist of “My Clinic” medical center
2010-2014 Doctor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Reproductologist of S.M. Kirov Military Medical Academy
2007-2010 Chief Urologist of the Russian Navy, Head of the Urology Department of the central naval clinical hospital
2001-2007 Chief Urologist of the Northern Fleet, Head of the Urology Department
1989-1992 Head of the medical service of the military unit
1988 Surgeon during the earthquake in Armenia